EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) is the largest European competition for students of technical universities. The competition is aiming to create a bridge between students and companies. The competitors, who work in teams of four, are given a practical problem and their task is to come with a solution in a given time and present it in front of juries. The task, which is given by a topic sponsor, challenges various skills of the competitors like technological knowledge, creativity, time management and teamwork.

There are three rounds of EBEC. First ones are the local rounds, which are organized individually by local BEST groups. Second are national and regional rounds, where the winners of the local rounds compete. At last, there is the Final round of EBEC.  It is a nine days-long event. The actual work time is four days. On the days off, the students take part in company visits and social activities provided by the hosting local BEST Group.



The students have to design and build a working device that can properly execute a certain task. The available resources are given and limited, just like at every company. Besides their knowledge, they must use their creativity and imagination as well. After completion, each team has to briefly introduce their device and demonstrate how it works. The Topic sponsor can provide the topic.


The Topic sponsor can provide the assignment for the Case Study category. It might be an actual problem that the engineers at the company face or one that is theoretical. Here, teams have to solve the problem on paper and present their work to the jury. The goal of this competition is providing an opportunity for our sponsor to witness how the students work as a team on a real-life problem.